Bosch Plena Easy Line USB / SD / FM Music Source Player


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The PLE-SDT Plena Easy Line SD Tuner BGM source is the ideal high-quality source for background music (BGM) in public address systems. It provides hours of uninterrupted music for professional systems.The unit has a digital source side for MP3’s stored on SD card and USB memory stick, and a side with an FM tuner. It is typically used in hotels, shops, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, canteens, gyms, showrooms, and other places where BGM creates the right atmosphere. It connects to any public address amplifier.

  • MP3 playback from SD card and USB inputs 
  • FM tuner with RDS, presets and digital control 
  • Simultaneous operation of SD/USB-player and FM tuner 
  • Separate outputs for digital source and FM tuner