60W Cabinet Subwoofer


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The LB1-SW60 is the ideal solution for adding low frequency enhancement in general public address applications. It is a 60 W subwoofer cabinet, which reproduces the low frequency part of a full-range input signal content. The built-in low-pass filter eliminates the need for an external crossover. It features a tuned, ported enclosure and an 8” woofer resulting in a tight, warm bass response. The subwoofer is designed to be used in combination with smaller loudspeakers so-called satellite loudspeakers. These smaller loudspeakers reproduce full frequency range, but lack bass response because of their small size. One or more subwoofers connected in combination with Bosch Ceiling-, Cabinet-, Column Loudspeakers and Sound projectors is possible. The built-in matching transformer allows easy integration in existing and new constant voltage installations.

  • Compact size 
  • Built-in Low-pass filter 
  • Wall mounting bracket included 
  • Versatile mounting applications 
  • Selectable 70 V, 100 V and 4 Ohm input