30W 2'' Compact Sound Satellite Speaker with White Colour ( 2 PCS )


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The LB6-S-L is a very compact full-range loudspeaker ideal for applications requiring high-quality sound. Its shape flexibility and size make it nearly invisible for use in background/foreground music systems for restaurants, bars, patios, retail, and other applications.The system consists of a high performance 2-inch satellite speakers. Available colors are white. Its high power handling allows the system to be used in a wide variety of environments and spaces to provide high quality background or foreground music.

  • A complete matched background/foreground music speaker solution. 
  • Direct connection of satellites to subwoofer — simplifies installation wiring. 
  • Mounting brackets with wide range of motion for surface mount satellites provide easy and secure mounting of speaker to wall. 
  • Convenient detachable phoenix style signal connections speed up installation time.

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