Bosch 600 Watts Quad Channel Power Amplifier with powerTANK Technology


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The PRM-4P600 is a 600 W power amplifier with powerTANK technology that flexibly delivers the total power over its 4 channels. The amplifier is ideally suited to background music and clear voice announcement applications such as:

  • Supermarkets 
  • Bars and restaurants 
  • Retail outlets 
  • Education 
  • Houses of worship 
  • Museums and galleries 
  • Transport hubs 
  • Conference centers


powerTANK is a reservoir of available amplification power that is deployed flexibly across the 4 channels of the amplifier. There is no need to set up the powerTANK as it adapts to the requirements of each zone or output without extra manual configuration of each individual channel. 

Variable Load Drive 

Variable Load Drive (VLD) ensures that the powerTANK capacity is utilized efficiently, providing consistent power to any channel with any impedance. 


The dualCOOL thermal design means that the amplifier typically operates as a convection cooled amplifier, but in extreme thermal conditions the amplifier is also equipped with an intelligent multi-speed fan to ensure maximum performance and reliability in any application.


ecoRAIL’s power consumption is similar to a regular standby level, yet ecoRAIL still produces audio output suitable for background music levels, and the Auto Power Down (APD) mode can be engaged to further reduce power consumption to less than a watt when there is no signal present for extended periods. amp-LINK The single cable installation feature of amp-LINK is compatible with AES72-1E (RJ45 connectors) wired devices. This solution provides easy installation for all four channels without needing to wire all the connections individually. 

PFC power supply 

Equipped with a PFC power supply and protection features usually reserved for the professional power amplifiers, means that the amplifier resists complete shutdown situations and will always perform at its best under all conditions. 

Architects’ and engineers’ specifications 

The 4-channel amplifier shall have a total power of 600 W, be able to adapt the power of the output channels with power sharing in either 4 ohm, 8 ohm, 70 V or 100 V conditions on any channel simultaneously. The amplifier housing shall be a 1” rack unit size design. The amplifier shall have a thermal design that can operate as passive cooled device, but also be able to activate forced air-cooling when required under extreme conditions, to avoid reduction in available power. The reliable thermal operating range of the device shall be < 45 C without reduction or shutdown. The amplifier shall have an automatic power down mode that can be turned on or off with a standby consumption of < 1 W. The amplifier shall also have a low power consumption feature whereby significant power consumption is reduced maintaining the output modulation suitable for background music. The amplifier shall be able to connect audio as either input or through to other devices using the AES72-1E wiring protocol. The amplifier shall be equipped with a PFC power supply and protections to ensure reliable and safe operation including High Frequency Limiter (HFL), Output Current Limiter (OCL), Rail Supervision Limiter (RSL), High Frequency Protection (HFP), DC Protection (DCP), Over Current Protection (OCP), Mains Fail Protection (MFP), Output Balance Protection (OBP), Over Temperature Protection (OTP), Over Voltage Protection (OVP).

Technical Specifications


Output power 4 Ohm 8 Ohm 70 V 100 V
Rated output power 4 x 150 W
Maximum output power per channel (power sharing) at minimum impedance 500 W 600 W 500 W 600 W
Total rated output power 600 W
Number of channels 4
Output voltage rated output power 24.5 V 34.6 V 70.7 V 100 V
Maximum output voltage 40.0 V 56.0 V 70.7 V 100 V
Rated impedance per channel 4 Ohm 8 Ohm 33.3 Ohm 66.7 Ohm
Minimum impedance per channel 2.6 Ohm 4 Ohm 10 Ohm 16.7 Ohm
Amplifier 4 Ohm 8 Ohm 70 V 100 V
Nominal Gain (+6 dBu input sensitivity, LEVEL 0 dB) 24.0 dB 27.0 dB 33.2 dB 36.2 dB
Maximum Gain (0 dBu input sensitivity, LEVEL +6 dB) 30.0 dB 33.0 dB 39.2 dB 42.2 dB
THD+N (1/8 rated output power, 1 kHz) < 0.1 %
Crosstalk (ref. 1 kHz, 12 dB below maximum) < -70 dB < -75 dB < -90 dB < -95 dB
Frequency Response (ref. 1 kHz, analog in to speaker out, -3 dB) HP: 30/100/150 Hz to 20 kHz
LP: 30 Hz to 150 Hz
HP: 50/100/150 Hz to 20 kHz
LP: 50 Hz to 150 Hz
Damping Factor (30/50 Hz to 1 kHz, ref. to rated impedance) > 80  > 160 > 500 > 1000
Output Stage Topology Class D, fixed frequency
Signal to Noise Ratio (A-weighted, ref. to rated output power, LEVEL 0 dB) > 98 dB > 100 dB > 101 dB > 103 dB
Output Noise (A-weighted, LEVEL 0 dB) < -68 dBu < -67 dBu < -62 dBu < -61 dBu
Analog Audio Input      
Type 2 x 6-pin Euroblock, 3.81 mm, male, parallel 1x RJ45 AMP-LINK    
   Maximum input level (LEVEL 0 dB)  +18 dBu    
   Input impedance, active balanced 20 k Ohm    
Mains Input IEC C14    
Loudspeaker output 2 x 4-pin Euroblock, 5.08 mm, female    
Control Port      
   Type 1 x 5-pin Euroblock, 3.81 mm, male    
   REMOTE ON Remote On / Standby contact
(overrides power button on front panel)
   READY/FAULT Galvanic isolated relay, max. 30 VDC / 500 mADC    
Signal processing Input Routing, HPF 24 dB/ Oct., LPF 24 dB/Oct., Flat, Peak Limiter    
Power requirements 100 V to 240 V, 50 Hz to 60 Hz AC    
Power consumption        
    Consumption at 1/8 rated output power 115 W    
    Idle mode (ecoRAIL with no input signal) < 20 W    
    Standby mode (APD active)  < 1 W    
Power supply topology Switching power supply with power factor correction    
Protections Audio limiters, high temperature, DC, HF, short circuit, back-EMF, peak current limiters, inrush current limiters, mains over/ under voltage protection    
Front status LEDs Signal, limit, fault LEDs per channel; power LED    


Climatic Conditions
Cooling concept Convection cooling in tabletop application and rack application with spacing between units. Forced cooling (side to rear) in rack application without spacing between units and in extreme thermal conditions.
Ambient        temperature limits -5 C to +45 C (+23 F to +113 F)
Altitude (operating) -500 m to +5000 m (-1614 ft to 16404 ft)


IEC Protection Class Class I (grounded) 
Dimensions (HxWxD)
     With 19” mounting brackets
44.2 x 483 x 269.5 mm
(1.74 x 19.2 x 10.6 in) 
Weight 3.6 kg (7.9 lb)