Prasideo Audio Over IP Interface


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The PRS-1AIP1 is a universal, IP-based audio device supporting VoIP and Audio over IP applications. It is an ideal solution for bridging audio and contact closures over long distance LAN and WAN networks, e.g. in shopping malls, tunnels, in and between railway stations. It extends and interfaces to Praesideo and non-network based traditional public address systems without the need for a PC during operation. The unit has analog audio inputs and outputs for easy interfacing with optional pilot-tone supervision for emergency sound purposes. One audio input can be switched to microphone sensitivity with built-in microphone supervision. Also, the control inputs offer cable and connection supervision. Control inputs and outputs can be used to set up an audio connection to start a remote call, but also to pass remote fault events to the system controller.

  • All-in-one solution for audio transport on IP-networks 
  • Supervised control inputs and outputs 
  • Supports re-broadcasting 
  • EN 54-16 compliant IP solution 
  • Configurable as SIP telephone interface (optional)