Prasideo OMNEO Interface


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OMNEO, developed by Bosch, is a network protocol for real-time uncompressed digital audio distribution and control over industry standard IP networks. 

  • OMNEO’s media transport technology is Audinate’s Dante™, a high-performance, standards-based, routable IP media transport system. 
  • OMNEO’s system control technology is Open Control Architecture, or OCA. OCA is an open public standard for the control and monitoring of professional media networks. 
  • Both OMNEO’s media transport and system control can run in encrypted mode for secure applications.

  • Four OMNEO or Dante™ audio inputs and outputs 
  • Eight supervised control inputs and five control outputs 
  • Redundant optical network connection 
  • Redundant OMNEO network connection 
  • Headphone connection and VU-meter for audio monitoring