Bosch 30W Mixer Amplifier c/w 4 Units LBC-3086/41 6W Ceiling Speaker

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The mixer amplifiers come in 30 Watts output power. This power is directly available on 100 V constant voltage connections and on a low impedance connection for a 4 ohm load.These Plena mixer amplifiers are high performance, professional public address units with modern state of the art features. Providing a crisp call or clear music is as easy as turning on the radio. The amplifier is also surprisingly affordable, without sacrificing features such as ducking, priority and flexibility.


The loudspeaker unit is a 6 W, dual-cone loudspeaker with an integrated circular metal grille. A 100 V matching transformer is mounted on the back. The appearance and neutral white RAL color have been selected to be unobtrusive in virtually all interiors. The loudspeaker has built-in protection to ensure that, in the event of a fire, damage to the loudspeaker does not result in failure of the circuit to which it is connected. In this way, system integrity is maintained, ensuring loudspeakers in other areas can still be used to inform people of the situation. The loudspeaker has ceramic terminal blocks, thermal fuse and heatresistant, high-temperature wiring. It can also be fitted with an optional fire-dome to increase protection of the cable termination.Voice alarm loudspeakers are specifically designed for use in buildings where performance of systems for verbal evacuation announcements is governed by regulations. The LBC 3086/41 is designed for use in voice alarm systems 


  • 4 microphone/line inputs, plus 3 music source inputs 
  • 100 V and telephone input with priority & VOX 
  • Announcement only output, 3-wire volume override 
  • Voice-activated emergency override 
  • High output power 30Watts 

  • Suitable for speech and music reproduction 
  • Easy to install 
  • Optional certified fire dome 
  • EN 54-24 certified

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