Multifunction Power Supply, Large


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This compact device combines multiple support functions to power and serve other PRAESENSA system devices. It can be used in a centralized system, but it is an enabler for decentralized system topologies with several smaller racks or cabinets located across the premises, to reduce loudspeaker cabling costs significantly. It provides DC-power supply to connected amplifiers and peripherals from the mains, with a standards compliant charger for a single 12 V backup battery, saving on installation and battery maintenance costs. The integrated 6-port Ethernet switch, with glass fiber support, facilitates easy interconnection of decentralized clusters of devices. Configurable, supervised control inputs and voltage-free control outputs are available as interface to external equipment. Its OMNEO interface for control and fault reporting also provides an analog audio backup lifeline for the connected amplifiers.

  • Fully supervised DC-power supply with integrated fail-safe redundancy 
  • Unique single 12 V battery backup solution 
  • Integrated 6-port Ethernet switch on RJ45 and SFP 
  • General purpose control inputs and outputs 
  • Backup lifeline for connected amplifiers