600W 8CH Power Amplifier Build in Digital Speaker Processor


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This is a flexible and compact multi-channel power amplifier for 100 V or 70 V loudspeaker systems in Public Address and Voice Alarm applications. It fits in centralized system topologies, but also supports decentralized system topologies because of its OMNEO IP-network connection, combined with DC-power from a multifunction power supply. The output power of each amplifier channel adapts to the connected loudspeaker load, only limited by the total power budget of the whole amplifier. This flexibility, and the integration of a spare amplifier channel, makes it possible to utilize the available power effectively and use less amplifiers for the same loudspeaker load, compared to using traditional amplifiers. Digital sound processing and control, adjusted to the acoustics and requirements of each zone, allow for better sound quality and speech intelligibility

  • Flexible power partitioning across all channels 
  • Low power consumption and heat loss 
  • Full supervision with integrated fail-safe redundancy 
  • Digital signal processing per channel 
  • IP-networked on OMNEO for audio and control