Bosch 6Watts Ceiling Speaker ( Screw Type )


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The LHM 0606/xx is a general purpose, 6 W, cost effective ceiling loudspeaker. The LHM-0606/00 version is screw mounted ,An optional fire dome LBC 3080/01 is available. An economic flushing-mounting ceiling loudspeaker is available for general purpose applications. This full range loudspeaker is suitable for both speech and music reproduction in shops, department stores, schools, offices, sports halls, hotels and restaurants.The speaker assembly consists of a single-piece, 6W dual cone loudspeaker and frame, with a 100 V, matching transformer mounted on the back.

  • Suitable for speech and music reproduction 
  • Flush-mounting in ceiling cavity 
  • Easy to install 
  • Simple power setting 
  • Unobtrusive in virtually all interiors

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