Bosch LC2 Series Premium Sound 60W Ceiling Subwoofer


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The LC2-PC60G6-10 is an 10-inch Premium-sound Subwoofer Ceiling Loudspeaker which is designed to augment the low frequency response of any LC2 Premium-sound full range ceiling loudspeaker. It consists of a baffle assembly, grille, back-can enclosure, 10-inch coax high-excursion LF loudspeaker and internal output-power matching transformer. The rear enclosure and loudspeaker provides an optimum internal volume for extended low frequency performance. The loudspeaker utilizes a second order crossover network to provide the correct band-pass frequency response for use with any LC2 Premium-sound full range ceiling loudspeaker.

  • 10-inch high-excursion loudspeaker for extended LF 
  • Low pass network with overload protection 
  • Front baffle wattage tap adjustment 
  • Includes tile bridge and mounting ring for easy installation 
  • BS 5839-8 and EN 60849 compliant

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