Bosch LC2 Series Premium Sound 8'' W High Ceiling Loudspeaker


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The LC2-PC60G6-8H is an 8-inch two-way Premium-sound Ceiling Loudspeaker which provides, wide dispersion, high efficiency, high maximum output, ease-of-installation, innovative dual waveguide that provides directivity control to 1 kHz and wide-range reproduction of music and voice. It consists of a baffle/waveguide assembly, grille, back-can enclosure, 8-inch coax two-way loudspeaker and internal output-power matching transformer. The loudspeaker features a waveguide coupled titanium coated dome tweeter. It provides much better music fidelity and speech intelligibility in spaces with high ceiling heights than typical flush units are capable of. The rear enclosure provides an optimum internal volume for extended low frequency performance. The loudspeaker utilizes a second order crossover network at 2.5 kHz, with a comprehensive protection circuit to protect the network, woofer, and tweeter drivers from excessive power levels. The loudspeaker can be installed optionally with the LC2-PC60G6-10 ceiling subwoofer to enhance the low frequency reproduction down to 45 Hz.

  • 8-inch coaxial two-way with dual integrated waveguides 
  • Waveguide coupled Ti tweeter 
  • Full bandwidth overload protection 
  • Front baffle wattage tap adjustment 
  • BS 5839-8 and EN 60849 compliant

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