Bosch 6Watts Cost-Effective Ceiling Mount Loudspeaker with Back Can


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The LC9UC06B is compact, 6W, general-purpose, cost-effective ceiling mount loudspeakers with a perforated metal grille. It is designed for a wide range of applications and have an excellent speech and music performance. The loudspeaker are easy to install thanks to their integral mounting clips.

The loudspeaker feature a very wide opening angle, which means fewer units are required to cover a given area. The wide frequency range means better speech and better music reproduction. The unit is supplied with a 100V matching transformer with taps on the primary winding for full-power, half-power, and quarter-power radiation. The LC9-UC06B have a perforated metal grille with a plastic surround, finished in an attractive white RAL 9003 color.

Power Handling 6W
Rated Frequency Range (-10 dB) 235 Hz - 20 kHz
Sensitivity (SPL 1 W/1 m) 92 dB
Max SPL (SPL 6 W/1 m) 100 dB
Coverage Pattern @ 1 kHz/4 kHz (-6dB) 180 / 70
Rated Impedance 1667 O@6 W
  3333 O@3 W
  6667 O@1.5 W
Input Configuration 100 V
Transformer Taps 6, 3, 1.5 W
Dimensions (Diameter x Height) 204 x 98 mm
Net Weight 0.72 kg
Color White (RAL 9003)
Approvals CE, IEC 62368-1

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