Bosch LC4 Series 12W Ceiling Speaker ( Wide Angle )


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The LC4 Ceiling Loudspeaker Range can be used for a wide variety of ceiling environments. They provide excellent speech and music in indoor public address applications. New CosCone driver technology, used in this range, stands for delivering outstanding sound quality from a small sized unit. It ensures a wide and equal spread of all octave frequencies and eliminates high-frequency beaming. Fewer loudspeakers are needed to cover a given area, and the noticeable “fading” that can occur as a listener walks from one loudspeaker to another area is eliminated.The LC4-UCxxE ceiling loudspeaker is a light and compact unit with an unobtrusive, neutral designed front grille. The range offers a choice of three loudspeakers distinguished by input power of: 12 W with the same wide opening angle, ensuring a wide and equal spread of the important frequency octaves for speech intelligibility and music clarity. The LC4 range also includes a back-box and metal fire-dome

  • Innovative CosCone full range driver 
  • Excellent speech and music reproduction 
  • Unrivalled opening angle for all octave frequencies 
  • Paintable grille 
  • EN 54-24, UL2043, UL1480 certified

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